2nd Global Forest Summer Camp helps kids reconnect with nature

August 08, 2019

Raising environmental awareness of future leaders

Between 2 to 5 August, 55 children from multicultural families embarked on a four-day adventure at the National Center for Forest Therapyin Yeongju, Korea during AFoCO’s 2nd Global Forest Summer Camp.

The 2nd Global Forest Summer Camp included a wide variety of educational and hands-on activities that provide participants with a unique and enjoyable and educational experience away from the city. The camp program was designed to make children more aware of their connection to nature and the impact of their actions on the natural environment.

Nature is indeed an endless and fascinating playground for kids! The forest trekking activity gave our young participants an opportunity to explore nature and learn about the plants and insects that reside in Korea's forests. After the 2-hour guided trek in the forest, participants headed over to the Water Therapy Center to relieve themselves from the summer heat while playing freely in the indoor pool.

The last camp activity was the Mock Assembly, where participants had to design posters and share about how they can take action to contribute towards environmental conservation and protection. Other camp activities included the Kapla team bonding activity, the DIY woodcraft activity, and a lecture on forests of the world.

The 2019 Global Forest Camps are only open to children from multicultural families residing in the Republic of Korea.
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