AFoCO RETC cooperates with Hmawbi Township government departments to deal with COVID-19

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Since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed on 23rd March in Myanmar, the regional and state governments have strengthened quarantine activities under the supervision of the central government. Protective and preventive measures against COVID-19 are underway and the Community Facility Quarantine has also been implemented.

In line with the national policy of the Myanmar government, the AFoCO RETC is also voluntarily cooperating with the Hmawbi Township authorities in the implementation of disease control measures to ensure the safety and health of local people. Since early April, the RETC staff have been actively assisting in the Township’s large scale spraying of disinfectants in public areas. Operated by RETC staff, the 3 RETC forest fires vehicles were dispatched to carry out disinfection work along highway roads, residential streets, village compounds, community areas, schools, monasteries, and the Township’s Municipal Market twice a week.