RETC’s Mission

The AFoCO Regional Education and Training Center (RETC) represents the project outcome of Component 1 of the Landmark Program. The RETC was established to educate and foster exemplary leaders in the forestry sector to realize the goal of a Greener Asia; provide practical and problem-solving oriented education programs to train government officials in the field of forestry to practice and promote sustainable forest management, and contribute to improving the livelihood of forest communities.

To date, more than 2000 trainees have benefitted from the training courses implemented under the Landmark Program. In the coming years, the AFoCO RETC will function as an important platform for international cooperation in the forestry sector and empower member countries to deal with pressing regional forestry issues and achieve shared global and regional forestry objectives through joint efforts.

Core Training Areas

AFoCO runs regular courseson forest rehabilitation and reforestation, forest fire management and community-based forest management every year at the RETC.

  • Forest Rehabilitation and Reforestation
    Seed harvesting, seed storage and supply, nursery management, tree plantation
  • Forest Fire Management
    Fire safety and behavior, fire prevention, fire inspection, fire information system, fire suppression
  • Community-based Forest Management
    Economical accounting, forest assessment, monitoring, forest resources, forest-related enterprise development

Types of Training Courses

AFoCO is committed to building capacity in the region to strengthen efforts in dealing with pressing forestry and environmental issues such as climate change. In addition to short-term regular courses, AFoCO offers long-term training courses, customized training courses as well as community courses to cater to policy-makers, technical-level officials, researchers, university students, and the general public.