Community Courses

AFoCO prioritizes local livelihood development and community-based small enterprise development. 

At the AFoCO RETC, livelihood development trainings are organized on a regular basis to train local people in making bamboo handicrafts, furniture, and other products in order to provide alternative income sources to sustain their livelihoods. In the long run, these community courses will help secure livelihoods, initiate the development of community forest enterprises and reduce pressures on forest resources. Our week-long trainings are held at the AFoCO RETC in Hmawbi Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

2019 Community Development Trainings

Bamboo Furniture

18-12 March

Bamboo Handicrafts – Theory

27-31 May

Bamboo Handicrafts – Practice

1-5 June

Bamboo Charcoal Soaps

8-12 July

Key Activities

Trainings typically begin with an introduction to the relationship between forests and climate change and a lecture on livelihood product. Demonstrations and practice sessions constitute the bulk of the training program.

Making Bamboo Baskets
& Bamboo Charcoal Soaps