Global Forest Camp for Youths

AFoCO’s Global Forest Camps provide young participants with a memorable educational experience and help them connect with their natural environment through outdoor learning and hands-on activities.

Educating our younger generation about forests and their importance is crucial in instilling an appreciation for forests and nature and ensuring that our forests continue to be protected and sustainably managed for generations to come.

With support from the Korea Green Fund, AFoCO is organizing a series of forest camps targeted at multicultural youths aged 9 to 14 in Korea. Our forest camps aim to increase environmental awareness by helping children gain a better understanding of forests and the important roles that they play while providing opportunities to learn about international forest cooperation through diverse activities.


1st  Summer Camp (26-29 July)(REGISTRATION CLOSED)

2nd Summer Camp (2-5 August)(REGISTRATION CLOSED)

3rd Summer Camp (12-15 August)(REGISTRATION OPEN)

Key Activities

Our forest camps are packed with fun-filled activities that instill a sense of discovery and appreciation for nature.

  • Healing KAPLA Team Activity
  • Treasure Hunting in the Woods
  • Water Therapy
  • Wood Craft Experience
  • Mock Assembly

Camp Venues

AFoCO is working with the National Center for Forest Therapyand the National Center for Forest Activities, Hoengseongto offer these unique learning experiences to our young participants.

Global Forest
Winter Camps



Global Forest
Summer Camps

26-29 JULY 2-5 AUGUST 12-15 AUGUST