Guidelines for Project Monitoring and Evaluation

This purpose of the Guidelines for Project Monitoring and Evaluation (the Guidelines) is to provide necessary directions for users, including 1) project monitoring and evaluation teams to develop the most appropriate and effective tools to conduct the mission and 2) project steering committee (PSC), implementing agency (IA), the Secretariat including prospective external evaluators to facilitate monitoring and evaluation activities. Yet, users of the Guidelines should be informed that each project can vary according to the local context and need.

This Guideline provides specific information for all stakeholders for effective project M&E under the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) subjected to Article 11 of the AFoCO Project Manual, ‘Project Monitoring and Evaluation’. The M&E activities are also guided by the Policies on Environmental and Social Safeguards1 and Gender2 and the related guidelines. If deemed necessary, the Secretariat can make separate M&E guidelines for specific projects. The Secretariat may undertake M&E of project based on the requirements of the project’s donor(s).