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Date: 2014.03.10

ISBN: 979-11-951451-2-6 (93520)

Pages: 208

Author: ASEAN-ROK Forest Cooperation Secretariat

The Landmark Program is designed to address the degradation and deterioration of forests and unsustainable forestry in Southeast Asia by the Republic of Korea under the framework of the ASEAN-Korea Forest Cooperation Agreement which entered into force on 5 August 2012. The primary aim of this Program is to implement long-term regional cooperation projects to address pressing forestry issues in the region and develop the capacities of member countries in the forestry sector. This project document outlines the detailed plan of activities for each of the Program's 4 components: (1) Establishment of Education and Training Center; (2) Development of Education and Training Programs for Capacity Building; (3) Restoration of Degraded Forest Regions; and (4) Development of Advocacy Activities.