(CLOSED) Request for Proposal on Consultancy Service on Development of AFoCO Strategic plan 2024-2030


The Secretariat of the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) has been developing the next term’s Strategy, “AFoCO Strategic plan 2024-2030”, as endorsed at the 5th session of the Assembly.

To prepare a strategic framework of the AFoCO Strategic Plan 2024-2030, a consultation service with experts in strategy development is required to diagnose external environment and internal competency, and to set strategy directions and action plans.

Task Description

Limited tender for procurement will be executed to carry out consultancy for the implementation and documentation of below three (3) activities within next three (3) months:

  1. Internal and external environment analysis
    Diagnosis of the internal and external environment to identify organizational opportunities, challenges, strength and weakness through analysis including, but not limited to:
    • External environment analysis
    • Internal competency analysis
    • Benchmarking of relevant organization
  2. Strategy formulation
    Conduct analysis and review to set future image and strategic directions through activities including, but not limited to:
    • Institutional analysis
    • Establishment of organizational core value and strategic direction
    • Mid and Long-term goal setting 
  3. Strategic management system design
    Design strategy and planning process management system for the Strategic plan through activities including, but not limited to:
    • Establishment of Strategic task roadmap
    • Establishment of performance monitoring and assessment system

Description of Requirements

The following is the description of the requirements.

  • Scope of work
    The proposer should clearly describe the scope of work to be performed in alignment with this RFP. The successful proposer in this RFP process will accomplish the following, in addition to other inclusions identified throughout the RFP. These include:
    • Undertake a re-articulation of the Mission/Vision;
    • Develop agreed frameworks, directions and strategies for Strategic Priority Areas;
    • Promote organization-wide collaboration for greater impact by diagnosing internal and  external environments;
    • Articulate approaches that would lead to tighter more focused and high-impact programs;
    • Establish a monitoring scheme to measure plan progress and to make adjustments based on changing conditions
  • List of Expected Outputs to be delivered
    Upon completion of the work, a full final report and a summary report will be provided including:
    • analysis of the internal and external environment
    • well-formulated strategy with core values, strategic direction, mid and long-term goal setting
    • strategy and planning process management system including roadmap, performance monitoring, and assessment system

Period of notice of Request for Proposal: 6 July 2022- 11 July 2022 (23:59 KST)
Expected duration of work: 15 July 2022 – 6 October 2022
Currency of Proposal: Korean Won

[Evaluation Criteria]

The proposals will be assessed based on the following evaluation criteria.

  1. Approach, thoroughness, and completeness of the proposal (30%)
  2. References and past performance with multi-cultural, multi-national organizations engaged with forests and environmental issues (35%)
  3. Expertise in strategic planning processes (25%)
  4. Price (10%)

[Requirements for the proponent]

The requirements for the proponent for this limited tender are as follows:

  1. The proponent should have proven extensive experience and a strong track record in establishing strategic plans for public, non-profit, and/or international organizations.
  2. The proponent should have knowledge of qualitative data analysis/research and the ability to apply that to both internal processes and external research, and information collection.

Submission of Proposal

  • A cover letter duly signed by the representative of the Institution/Company
  • Business registration of the proponent
  • List of strategic planning consultations conducted within the last 24 months.
  • Qualifications of staff to be assigned to the engagement
  • Approach to the work to be performed and respective time-line
  • Budget allocation

Submit to: [email protected]

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