TRAINING: Community-based Forest Enterprise Development (31 May – 4 June 2021)



In accordance with the AFoCO training plan for 2021, the Secretariat would like to invite trainees for the training on “Community-based Forest Enterprise Development (CBFED)” to be held virtually from 31 May to 4 June 2021. The training course aims to foster a greater understanding and enhance the capacities of AFoCO Member Countries in the development of CBFED projects and related undertakings to foster local entrepreneurs.

In this regard, we kindly request each Member Country to nominate two (2) government staff/officers (a) who have mandates for CBFED in policies and regulations, (b) who are engaged in the CBFED project development, and/or (c) who currently manage and implement the CBFED projects in the country. To obtain the Certification of Completion, the nominees are expected to deliver presentations and post-training assignments, i.e., country reports and action plans, leading to the project concept note development. A nominal training allowance will be provided for the two assigned participants. Additional staff interested in participating in selected open lectures, discussions, and group work as authorized through respective domestic regulations are also encouraged to be awarded appropriate participation certificates. In order to facilitate the preparation for the training, may we kindly request the submission of nominees’/participants’ information to Ryang Soozin (e-mail: [email protected]) by 21 May 2021, including the list of participants following the attached template (Annex-1).

For more information, please refer to the Course Guidelines (Annex-2).


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