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What is Landscape Partnership Asia?

Landscape Partnership Asia (LPA) is a multi-stakeholder platform that will implement performance-based investments in the restoration of Asian drylands and drought-prone areas through networks of ‘engagement landscapes’ deploying evidence-based techniques. These investments will mitigate the climate crisis, build the resilience of forests, rangelands, and agricultural landscapes, and improve livelihoods. This initiative will link to other restoration initiatives — such as the Bonn Challenge, the UN Decade of Ecosystems Restoration and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ Asia-Pacific Forest Landscape Restoration — to create synergies.

Our Ambition
Contribute to national and international targets on the restoration of forests, agricultural drylands, and drought-prone areas in Central, East, South, and Southeast Asia with initial 10 million hectares brought under integrated dryland and drought management by 2032.

Founding Partners

Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO):
Formalized in 2018, AFoCO is an intergovernmental organization committed to strengthening forest cooperation by transforming proven technologies and policies into concrete actions in the context of sustainable forest management to address the impacts of climate change.

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and World Agroforestry (ICRAF) (together: CIFOR-ICRAF):
CIFOR-ICRAF are nonprofit, scientific institutions that conduct research on the most pressing global challenges of forest and landscape management. Both organizations
envision a more equitable world where forestry and agricultural landscapes enhance environmental and human well-being.

Global EverGreening Alliance (GEA):
Since early 2012, the Alliance has brought together leading research, technical and development organizations. The Alliance harnesses collective energies and builds on the shared vision to restore degraded land and improve the sustainability, profitability and reliability of smallholders’ farming systems.


Signing of Agreement for restoring Asian drylands: Landscape Partnership Asia