Fellowship officials embark on study visit

The 2nd batch of 2022 AFoCO Fellowship Officials embarked on their two-day study visit from 14 to 15 November. The study visit was organized as part of the AFoCO Fellowship Program to provide fellowship officials with opportunities to explore and share expertise and knowledge that can be adopted and transferred to improve their practices in relevant fields.

On the first day of the study visit, Fellowship Officials visited the Baekdudaegan National Arboretum (BDNA), the world’s first seed storage facility dedicated to the conservation of native plant seeds, especially those on the verge of extinction. They learned about the value of storing seeds to survive ecological crises and overcome the challenges of climate change and other natural disasters. During the study visit, Fellowship Officials also had an opportunity to learn about Buseoksa Temple’s cultural heritage.

A group photo with the Baekdudaegan National Arboretum’s President, Dr. Lee Jong-geun
(L to R) Mr. Janchivdorj Altangadas from Mongolia, Mr. Rozizan Maslin from Brunei Darussalam, Mr. Abuov Azamat from Kazakhstan, Dr. Lee Jong-geun, BDNA President, Mr. Aris Ristiyana from Indonesia, and Ms. Khin Nyein San from Myanmar

On the second day of the study visit, they visited the Central Regional Office of the Korea Forest Service office to learn how forest fires are being managed, the technologies and advanced tools used, as well as how to systemically manage forest fires. The officials also learned about how the Central Regional Office of Forest Service operates its tree nursery, including the handling of seedlings, seed storage, and seedling production.

A group photo with officials from the Central Regional Office of Korea Forest Service

A group photo with the Central Regional Office staff at the smart nursery
Mr. Aris Ristiyana inspecting the quality of seedlings
Visiting the seed treatment facility
Storing the seedling in cold storage

After visiting the arboretum, Fellowship Officials visited the site of the “Dohwadamri Forest Ecological Restoration” project, which was successfully implemented between 2016 and 2018. Central Regional Office official Ms. Lim Sora shared valuable experiences about how the project was successfully implemented in 1 ha of degraded land caused by bedrock extraction. She also gave valuable advice on the feasibility of implementing this effective method in degraded areas caused by mining activities.

The study visit ended with a visit to the National Memory Forest, which is operated by the Korea Arboretum Culture Promotion Foundation Forest. The forest aims to raise awareness of the impacts of forest destruction as well as create nature-friendly and funeral cultures. The field trip provided opportunities for the Fellowship Officials to learn about effective forest fire prevention systems, restoration models, and smart nurseries.

Contributed by Janchivdorj Altangadas, 2022 AFoCO Fellowship Official from Mongolia

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