AFoCO and World Bank join hands to develop e-learning course on forest fire management

Over the past year, AFoCO has been working with the World Bank and the Korea Forest Service to produce three e-learning modules on forest fire management. The three video clips of about 12-14 minutes each cover the fundamentals and basic principles of forest fire management, approaches used in managing forest fires, and technologies applied in monitoring and managing forest fires.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Forest Fire Management provides a basic understanding of forest fire behavior, safety and prevention, and forest fire suppression. 

Module 2: Forest Fire Management Approaches provides information on the basic approaches to fire management. Depending on the situation, forest fire management authorities can handle forest fires using proven techniques or through community participation. In certain circumstances, the choice is to either suppress fires or let them burn. 

Module 3: Technology for Forest Fire Management used in the Republic of Korea discusses the application of advanced technologies in forest fire management, with a focus on the Republic of Korea. This module introduces the National Fire Danger Rating System, helicopter operations, mechanized fire suppression systems, as well as the utilization of big data for forest fire danger forecasting.

You may access these modules at the Open Learning Campus (OLC) of the World Bank in August 2021. All three modules have been also been uploaded on the AFoCO YouTube Channel. We encourage the AFoCO member countries to join the said e-learning course and utilize the modules as part of the AFoCO regular training on forest fire management. The AFoCO Regional Education and Training Center (RETC) will coordinate the participation in the upcoming training course on forest fire management for AFoCO Member Countries. We do hope you may enjoy the clips! 



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