AFoCO receives drone from ENORD Co. Ltd.

Since 2018, AFoCO has been facilitating donation activities to support capacity building in the forestry sector of AFoCO member countries, especially for training programs at the AFoCO RETC in Myanmar. Towards this endeavor, various types of forestry equipment and machines have been generously contributed to the AFoCO RETC as well as member countries who have expressed specific interest in acquiring certain items.

In 2021, ENORD Co.Ltd., a drone manufacturer has graciously offered to donate a drone unit to further promote the use of advanced technologies to manage forest resources.

A Drone Donation Ceremony was held at the AFoCO Secretariat on June 22, 2021, to commemorate the generous contribution made by ENORD Co. Ltd..

AFoCO staff with ENORD Co. Ltd. CEO, Mr. Jung Chul-hoon (on the right of drone)

Executive Director Mr. Ricardo L. Calderon extended his appreciation to ENORD Co. Ltd. for its donation, while emphasizing that “AFoCO was officially recognized as an inter-governmental organization in April 2018 to promote cooperation towards achieving shared sustainable development goals and contribute to the global goals of increasing forest cover and implementing the Paris Agreement through action-oriented practices. AFoCO will continue to expand the transfer of proven forest technologies, policies, and experiences into site-specific actions where it is most needed.”

Mr. Jung Chul-hoon, CEO of ENORD Co. Ltd., stated that “In 2018, ENORD began to commercialize a domestic K-Drone series and has been expanding our business scope to the field of agriculture, forestry, and environment. We are certain that the donated drone will be helpful to AFoCO’s capacity-building programs. Taking this opportunity, we would also like to provide technical support for the drone operation whenever needed.”

The Secretariat will proceed to facilitate the delivery of the drone to the AFoCO Regional Education and Training Center (RETC) in Myanmar to support our training courses on forest fire management and other forest-related activities once the situation in Myanmar improves.   

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