AFoCO signs partnership MoU with the Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology (GSIAT) of Seoul National University

On 15 February 2022, AFoCO Secretariat and the Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology (GSIAT) of Seoul National University (SNU) signed an MoU to enhance the Asian region’s capacity development in the forestry sector at the GSIAT of SNU, Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea.

(Left) Mr. Ricardo Calderon, Executive Director of AFoCO, and (right) Mr. Ju Kon Kim, Dean of Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology, Seoul National University during the MoU Signing Ceremony

The AFoCO Secretariat has been implementing the AFoCO Landmark Scholarship Program in participation of 9 reputable forestry universities of the Republic of Korea as a key aspect of organizational commitment to nurturing outstanding scholars in the forestry sector of the ASEAN region. Recognizing the significance of the capacity development in forestry sector, the GSIAT, which is a hub for education and research leading the green bio industry in Asia, and AFoCO will implement capacity development activities, including the AFoCO Landmark Program, through the MoU.

The MoU mainly includes capacity building, scholarship programs, and research and consulting. The key areas of cooperation are as follows:

  1. Knowledge sharing for development and improvement of capacity building programs in the fields of forest
  2. Planning and operating degree programs and short-term training courses for capacity development
  3. Involvement in the AFoCO Regional Education and Training Center in Myanmar by providing professionals and resource materials
Group photo of the MoU between AFoCO-GSIAT

During the signing ceremony, Mr. Ricardo Calderon, Executive Director of AFoCO, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the GSIAT while emphasizing the meaningful occasion to further consolidate the cooperative relationship between the two organizations. Mr. Kim Ju Kon, dean of GSIAT, also delivered his sincere appreciation for the opportunity to contribute to sustainable forest management in Asia in collaboration with AFoCO. 

Photo taken during the SNU GSIAT lab tour

After the MoU signing ceremony, AFoCO staff and GSIAT faculty members had a brief tour of the Biomass and Bioenergy Laboratory, and the Functional Food Materials & Fermentation Laboratory of the GSIAT, which is equipped with the World’s most advanced research and education facilities.

Contributed by HAN YoungJu, Assistant Program Officer

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