AFoCO supports World Wildlife Day 2021

AFoCO supports World Wildlife Day 2021. On March 3, Mr. Ricardo Calderon extended support and congratulated the celebration on the World Wildlife Day 2021 organized by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines. 

The celebration of World Wildlife Day 2021 is with the UN-wide theme of “Forests and Livelihood: sustaining people and planet.” Mr. Ricardo Calderon noted that the theme itself clearly emphasizes the need to protect our forest resources as the very habitat of our wildlife resources that will sustain the people of our planet in the middle of the climate crisis and the pandemic. The crisis reminds us of the important relationship between humans and nature, the need to increase the area of healthy ecosystems, the need to stop the loss of forests, forest habitat fragmentation, and degradation. 

In line with the calling from the international society,  the regional and subregional bodies like AFoCO provide the crucial bridge between international policies and national actions to build and strengthen synergies between the strategic plan on forests and national policies and programs, including in the context of contribution to the implementation of the sustainable goals.

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