AFoCO welcomes the Kyrgyz Republic as Observer

November 26, 2021 – AFoCO is a multilateral intergovernmental organization with Parties and Observers Asia-wide. Very recently, the Assembly welcomed the intention of the Kyrgyz Republic to join AFoCO. In accordance with the organization’s relevant rules and Decision, the Kyrgyz Republic was granted Observer status on 11 November until completing its domestic processes for deposit of relevant instrument.

During the Secretariat’s official mission to attend the Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum, the Executive Director paid a courtesy call on H.E. Mr. Dzhanybekov Askarbek, Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Regional Development, and extended relevant official letter welcoming the Kyrgyz Republic. The Minister noted that the forestry sector is one of the country’s priorities and important resources for the people’s livelihood. He further looked forward to strengthening the country’s capacity, particularly in the forest sector through cooperation with AFoCO.

Currently, AFoCO’s 13 Parties and 3 Observers are from the subregions of Northeast Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia, which encompasses diverse climatic zones and different types of forest. Find out more about our member countries HERE.

With the Kyrgyz Republic, AFoCO will have an expanded regional presence from the Central Asian region which will strengthen and broaden both the geographical and program scope of the organization.

Submitted by Kim Jimyung, Program Officer

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