AFoCO hosts 3rd Global Forest Summer Camp

There is no better classroom than nature

The 3rd Global Forest Summer Camp, also the 5th in the forest camp series, concluded successfully on 15 August. During the four-day camp, 90 children from multicultural families in the Republic of Korea participated in various activities at the National Center for Forest Activities, Hoengseong.AFoCO’s forest camps aim to increase environmental awareness by helping children gain a better understanding of forests and the important roles they play while providing opportunities to reconnect with and appreciate nature.

Our young participants learned about the importance of protecting and managing forests sustainably through interactive lectures and participated enthusiastically in various experiential activities such as forest trekking, wood crafting, Kapla block construction, and a mock assembly session. These team activities also helped our participants build confidence and improve their interpersonal skills.



Participants also embarked on a study tour to the Forest Aviation Headquarters in Wonju and learned firsthand about how forest fires are being monitored, prevented and suppressed through the use of integrated systems and advanced technologies. They even received valuable advice on pursuing a career as a government official at the Headquarters!


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