Researchers collaborate on-site in landscape restoration

A joint effort by Malaysia and Thailand for biodiversity-focused post-mining landscape restoration

Dr. Ang Lai Hoe (top right), FRIM Senior Researcher, explaining about the EETS domestication process

Between 15 to 18 October, two project teams from Malaysia and Thailand are jointly conducting a field research on post-mining landscape restoration at an ex-lignite mining area in Mae Mot in Chiang Mai, Thailand as part of a project activity under the AFoCO Regional Project ‘Domestication of Endangered, Endemic & Threatened Plant Species in Disturbed Terrestrial Ecosystem in Malaysia & Thailand’.

The 6-year project represents the countries’ maiden attempt at conserving nationally endangered and internationally threatened (IUCN Red List) tree species. Research is being actively conducted on the domestication models of these species and subsequently, the knowledge and expertise gained on biodiversity conservation and landscape restoration approaches will be shared with other countries in the region through workshops and publications.

The selected disturbed terrestrial ecosystems in both countries will be rehabilitated and enriched with some 12 to 30 national and IUCN Red List Species, in efforts to address some of the impacts of mining. The conservation of biological diversity through the domestication of EETS in disturbed sites will also be promoted through collaborative activities between the implementing countries.

The physical progress of the rehabilitation of the ex-mining areas in both countries are promising. In the long run, the project will aim to capacitate both countries in the reclamation, rehabilitation, and restoration of degraded forest ecosystems through the domestication of EETS, and stimulate further interest in these areas through workshops and capacity development activities.

The research progress will be shared at the upcoming Project Regional Workshop to be held from 7 to 8 November 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


[Project Information]

Title: Domestication of Endangered, Endemic & Threatened Plant Species in Disturbed Terrestrial Ecosystem in Malaysia & Thailand

Budget: 1,200,000 USD / (2016-2022)

Implementing Agencies: Forest Research Institute, Malaysia; Royal Forestry Department, Thailand


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