Final Coordination and Evaluation Meeting for Cambodia project on small-scale private plantations

October 11, 2022 — The Final Evaluation and Coordination Meeting (FCEM) for the project titled Registration of Small-scale Private Forest Plantations in Cambodia (AFoCO/012/2019)” was attended by members of the AFoCO Secretariat, the Forestry Administration of Cambodia, and the Korea-Mekong Forest Cooperation Center. The Chair of the Meeting (and AFoCO National Focal Point of Cambodia), Mr. Hang Suntra, welcomed all participants to the meeting and congratulated the Implementing Agency (IA) on their successful implementation of the project.

The Final Evaluation and Coordination Meeting (FCEM) was held on 11 October 2022 via zoom between the AFoCO Secretariat and Cambodia

The Meeting provided updates on the status of the project, including multi-year progress reporting of physical and financial accomplishments and recommendations and follow-up actions; reviewed and finalized the draft completion report; reviewed the project closure process; and discussed the ex-post evaluation.

The IA reported that all of the planned project activities were completed, achieving all physical targets, and the project budget was fully utilized without any remaining funds. The Secretariat congratulated the IA on their successful implementation of the project and thanked the IA for their efforts in coordinating and managing the project. Mr. Hang Suntra, Meeting Chair and AFoCO National Focal Point of Cambodia, also congratulated the IA on their success in the project and encouraged the IA to continue efforts to ensure the sustainability of the project outcomes.

The main output of this project, which is the Guidelines for Private Forest Registration in Cambodia, will be translated from Khmer to English, and packaged into a publication to disseminate and promote of the project’s outputs and success stories.

Submitted by Cha, Jiyea, Assistant Program Officer

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