Pinus Caribaea plantation models in Viet Nam established through AFoCO/013/2020

December 1, 2022 — the project site for AFoCO/013/2020, Improving Pinus caribaea Morelet for Plantation on Degraded Land in Viet Nam’s Northern Mountainous Region was visited and monitored by the AFoCO Secretariat, following the 3rd Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting that was held the day before of the monitoring trip. The plantation sites that were visited are all located in the vicinity of the Forest Science Centre of North-Eastern Viet Nam (FSNE) in Vin Phuc Province. Four different plantation models were visited:

(1) the seed orchard of P. caribaea;
(2) pure plantation model of P. caribaea;
(3) mixed plantation model of P. caribaea planted with Cinnamomum parthenoxylon and Michelia mediocris Dandy
(4) NTFP species model under the forest canopy of P. caribaea

The seed orchard of P.caribaea of 2 ha was established in July 2021, and it is anticipated that approximately 1,660 seedlings per ha will be produced in 12 years. The seedlings produced will have multiple uses, including being sold to the private sector for plantation establishment. In the mix plantation model of 1.5 ha, 1,100 trees per ha were planted with P. caribaea and two other species —Cinnamomum parthenoxylon and Michelia mediocris Dandy. The average survival rate is approximately 90%. In the pure plantation model, 1,100 seedlings were planted per ha in July 2021. The plantation model will be used for timber production after 20 years.

The trees in the stand have been planted approximately 20 years ago. It was observed that the pine trees of this area produced seeds of good quality. In this regard, The FSNE transformed this plantation area with an average density of 700-800 pine trees per ha into the seed stand in 2021.

In the model of NTFP Species under the Forest Canopy of Pinus Caribaea, Morinda officinalis (500 trees per ha/4*5) was planted in July 2021. The survival rate has been more than 90%, and the roots are used for medicinal purposes, usually sold for 500,000 VND per kg of root, or 100 USD per tree.

At the 3rd PSC Meeting held in the Vietnamese Academy of Forest Science (VAFS) on 30 November 2022, the Secretariat acknowledged the excellent progress of the project in both financial and physical aspects and thanked the IA for its hard effort and cooperation in the implementation of the project. The meeting mainly discussed the Final Coordination and Evaluation Meeting (FCEM) schedule in 2023, as the project will be completed in December 2023. The IA took note of the schedule of the FCEM and the deadline for the submission of the draft completion report which was due in September 2023, and the FCEM in November 2023, and ensured the Secretariat that they will be preparing the completion report and necessary arrangements for the smooth conduct of the FCEM and completion procedure for the project.

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