Viet Nam mangrove restoration sponsored by SK Forest records outstanding survival rate of 98%

November 2022 – A mangrove forestation area in Thai Binh province in Viet Nam was restored with SK Forest’s support, as part of the SNS Campaign of REForest2022. In total, 3,022 mangrove trees – Sonneratia caseolaris – were planted, of which 2,022 trees were planted for the campaign participants and 1,000 for SK Hynix employees.

Upon completion of the survey, design for planning, site preparation, the planting activities were carried out in September and October of 2022. Plantation and annual forest tending planned for 2022 were all successfully completed by the implementing agency, the Institute of Ecology and Works Protection. Lastly, a review and evaluation of 1.5 ha with 3022 trees are performed according to standards on the management of silvicultural works and the forest got accepted as a result.

A significant feature of the afforestation plot is its 98% survival rate after three months. This rate is remarkable in that the average rate of mangrove planting in the first year of other programs and projects is around 70-80%. In addition, the trees are well cared for, free of pests and diseases, and evenly distributed across the planting area, ensuring quality trees. On average, the trees stand over 1.3 meters tall and have a root diameter of over 2.1 cm.

This can be attributed to the use of standard seedlings, the proper planting time, and relatively suitable environmental conditions. A close monitoring system is also in place to ensure that the planting, tending, and protection of plants adhere to Viet Nam’s current regulations.

Starting in 2023, monthly maintenance and protection work will be implemented with the assistance of the People’s Committee of Donglong commune, Tienhai district, Thai Binh province, and the local people. This will include checking, removing trash, staking piles, tying broken ropes, and removing oysters clinging to trees, and reporting it to the management agency on a regular basis.

Submitted by HAN YoungJu, Assistant Program Officer

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