(Policy Brief 6) Public-Private Partnerships in the Forest and Forestry Sector

1 July 2022
AFoCO Secretariat

In Asia, public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the forestry sector are primarily based on the concept that forestland is to a great extent owned, controlled, and supervised by the public sector. Encompassing various aims and commitments for carbon offsets, forest and forestry activities have become one of the target areas of PPPs, reflected in the REDD+, payments for ecosystem services (PES), and community-based enterprise development programs. PPPs in the sector are still largely unexplored despite these efforts, and it is not easy for private sector entities to find an entry point. Aside from focusing on the essence of PPPs, there is a need to actively develop ways of promoting local communities’ interests and encouraging participation through all-inclusive policies and enhanced governance framed by equitable stewardship and benefit-sharing.

This policy brief highlights the collective discussions of the capacity-building workshop on “Public-Private Partnerships in the Forest and Forestry Sector” held from March 15 to 19, 2022.

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