(Training Report) Community-based Forest Enterprise Development

10 April 2022
[KN2022-004] 979-11-92009-18-6
AFoCO Secretariat

Providing the platform to build up the collective efforts to address lack of knowledge and skills, AFoCO RETC and The Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC) jointly organized the Training of Trainers for CBFE inviting member countries in 2019. Through investigating good cases in the Asian region, the participating trainees tried to put collective efforts to accumulate the regional data and information, by which they developed a module book introducing practical methodologies and concepts to investigate enterprise in the forests and forestry sectors. The CBFED development (CBFED) training in 2021 was developed as the arena to introduce it in the virtual platform. The training also invited local entrepreneurs, project managers, governmental officials, and financial enablers to listen to their voices to explore the CBFED’s practical on-sets.

The course aims to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of the policies and practical strategies for planning and encouraging community-based enterprise development in the forests and forestry sector. In addition, participants will learn how to address practical and sustainable solutions by sharing practical cases and experiences of the Asian region. Finally, the training outputs will be utilized as the baseline information for the project concept note development.

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