(Training Report) Forest-based Climate Change Adaptation (FBCCA)

10 April 2022
[KN2022-003] 979-11-92009-16-2
AFoCO Secretariat

This lecture actively responded to the global call to increase awareness of climate change and its impacts among policy makers in the forest and forestry sectors. In addition to publicizing the problems, knowledge of FBCCA approaches, tools, and financing mechanisms were shared, e.g., urban forestry, biodiversity conservation, nature-based solutions, disaster risk management, community-based fire/water management, agroforestry, and ecosystem/landscape-based adaptation.

The course aims to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of the policies and regulatory frameworks for developing and managing climate change adaptation strategies. Participants learn how to handle climate change issues with practical and sustainable solutions, whose outputs will be utilized as baseline information for the project concept note development. The three key objectives of the training are to enhance understanding of the forest-based climate change adaptation in the context of sustainable development; share practical cases and experiences of member countries; and, discuss challenges and opportunities and establish possible recommendations and concrete ideas reflecting the lessons learned.

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