AFoCO-World Bank E-Learning Series: Integrated Forest Fire Management and Advanced Technologies

AFoCO has been working with the World Bank and the Korea Forest Service to produce three e-learning modules on forest fire management. Drawing on the experiences of the Republic of Korea, and also on international best practices for fire management, the e-learning series provides knowledge on the basic concepts and fundamentals of forest fire management, the different approaches for fire prevention and reduction, and the applications of disruptive technologies for forest fire management. This learning series will  The e-learning series can be accessed via the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus (OLC) platform.

The three modules of about 12-14 minutes each cover the fundamentals and basic principles of forest fire management, approaches used in managing forest fires, and technologies applied in monitoring and managing forest fires. The learning objectives of each module are as follows:

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Forest Fire Management – Improve basic understanding of forest fires and forest fire behavior, forest fire safety and prevention, and forest fire suppression.
  • Module 2: Forest Fire Management Approaches – Learn about the basic approaches to Fire Management that could be handled by authorities or through the participation of communities.  Depending on the situation, forest fires can be handled by authorities using proven techniques or through the participation of communities. Integrated Forest Fire Management (IFFM), also referred to as Community-based Forest Fire Management (CBFiM), integrates fires and people into land-use and vegetation management systems. It encompasses both the traditional efforts of fire prevention and fire suppression as well as the use of prescribed fires which is good fires as a tool, community involvement, and forest law enforcement. Prescribed burning is the intentional, controlled application of fire to a forest to accomplish the objectives of a landowner or land manager. 
  • Module 3: Technology for Forest Fire Management used in the Republic of Korea –  Learn about the disruptive technologies adopted for Forest Fire Management, particularly in the Republic of Korea. Korea has always been at the forefront of technology enhancements and innovations in forest fire management, pursuing a cross-sectoral approach in the improvement and implementation of forest fire management as part of its disaster management policy.  In Korea, there has been great progress in the development of a system for preventing forest fires due to Korea’s advanced IT, intensive forest fire research, and nationwide systems to suppress forest fires. 
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