AFoCO believes in inclusive engagement to ensure sustained multilateral cooperation and the delivery of positive impacts through our projects and initiatives. We have forged long-term partnerships with international organizations, private sector entities, and research institutions and universities through partnership agreements as well as engagement in fora, dialogues, and meetings. AFoCO is open to and continues to seek opportunities for collaboration and resource mobilization to expand our portfolio of activities in line with our strategic priorities. 

The Assembly recognizes that the participation of various countries and entities complements the organization’s actions by providing access to new knowledge, expertise, financing, and broad networks – resources that are critical to advancing the organization’s work. The Sixth Session of the Assembly endorsed D-41-V-21R-ADD-1 Rules of Procedures for Partners Countries and Partner Organizations of AFoCO. 

Ecosystem restoration is a complex task and transcends across sectors. AFoCO is proud to be a Supporting Partner of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (UN Decade). As a part of #GenerationRestoration, AFoCO will join other international and civil organizations in building evidence-based recommendations for the UN Decade and reach out into new sectors and communities.

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