Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority Areas (2019-2023)

AFoCO adheres to the core values of partnership, member-driven, competency, transparency, equity, and sustainability in delivering the actions under the Strategic Priorities. The strategic priorities over the five years (2019-2023) are to contribute to the member countries in:

  • Achieving the global goal of increasing forest cover by up to 3% worldwide
  •  Implementing the Paris Agreement on climate change particularly in pursuit of policy approaches for adaptation in the forestry sector
  • Improving livelihoods and incomes through forestry-related activities

The Strategic Plan (2019-2023) can be accessed here.

Initiating customized restoration & reforestation models

Supporting research and development in climate change adaptation

Introducing systematic management of forest-related disasters

Local livelihood improvement & community-based enterprise development

Strengthening institutional capabilities, diversifying resources, & promoting regional actions

Developing the Strategy

AFoCO is currently preparing for the development of its next strategic plan. The strategy development process will involve the extensive engagement of member countries and various other key stakeholders to ensure that the new strategy and AFoCO’s operations are better aligned with the national priorities and interests of AFoCO Parties and win more buy-ins thereon.

Annual Thematic Dialogue

The Annual Thematic Dialogue is a dialogue session and platform for forward-looking discussions among AFoCO and its member countries to inform the strategic planning process and programming for the coming years (Decision 34-IV-20R). This activity also aims to harvest the interest of member countries to facilitate AFoCO’s contribution to regional and global environmental benefits, engage diverse stakeholder groups to make AFoCO’s operations relevant to on-going policy processes and contexts in the member countries. The Annual Thematic Dialogue is organized as annual event back-to-back with the regular session of the AFoCO Assembly, with a theme-based discourse on strategically timely and relevant topics.

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