Strategic Priorities

Strategic Plan (2024-2030)

AFoCO is a treaty-based, intergovernmental organization with the vision of “A Greener Asia with climate-resilient and sustainable forests, landscapes and communities”, the achievement of which is supported by AFoCO’s mission: “Promote action-oriented international cooperation for creating enabling policies, building capacities, and fostering inclusive multi-level partnerships to drive Asian forests onto a climate-resilient and sustainable path”.

AFoCO works to address the climate crisis and associated challenges of forest loss, poverty and governance through two Strategic Thrusts Sustainable management of forests to secure environmental, social and economic benefits; and Contributions to the 1.5 °C Paris Agreement goal and the SDGs by 2030 — that are translated into three Program Priority Areas (PPAs) supported by Cross-Cutting Themes (CCTs):

  1. PPA1: Forest Land Restoration and Conservation
    leading to expanded forest area under sustainable management through reforestation and rehabilitation of damaged forests, forest conservation and sustainable use of forests;
  2. PPA2: Community and Circular Bioeconomy
    leading to circular economies and enterprises that support transition to climate-resilient forest communities; and
  3. PPA3: Climate–Forest Disaster Risk
    leading to adaptation of forests and forest-dependent communities to climate change and related impacts, including forest disaster risk management, which contribute to national and regional goals.
  4. CCTs — Policies, Capacity development, Knowledge management and learning exchange, and Technology exchange and application.

AFoCO adheres to the core values of partnership, member-driven, competency, transparency, equity and suistainability in the planning and delivery of the Strategic Plan (2024-2030).

Forest Land Restoration and Conservation

Community and Circular Bioeconomy

Climate–Forest Disaster Risk Management

Policy, Capacity, Knowledge, Technology

Annual Thematic Dialogue

The Annual Thematic Dialogue is a dialogue session and platform for forward-looking discussions among AFoCO and its member countries to inform the strategic planning process and programming for the coming years (Decision 34-IV-20R). This activity also aims to harvest the interest of member countries to facilitate AFoCO’s contribution to regional and global environmental benefits, engage diverse stakeholder groups to make AFoCO’s operations relevant to on-going policy processes and contexts in the member countries. The Annual Thematic Dialogue is organized as annual event back-to-back with the regular session of the AFoCO Assembly, with a theme-based discourse on strategically timely and relevant topics.

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