Welcome Message by the Executive Director

It is my pleasure to take office as the Executive Director of AFoCO. Almost a decade has passed since I last worked with the team during the organization’s initial phase as the ASEAN-Korea Forest Cooperation. With great delight, I am honored and humbled to join the organization again.

As Executive Director of AFoCO, I will lead the team to work hand-in-hand with our member countries to address global and national forest-related issues including dealing with the impacts of climate change, rehabilitating degraded forests, securing sustainable livelihoods for forest-dependent communities, and combating desertification.

In the coming years, I look forward to collaborating with you — our member countries and partners — to expand our impact in the region and empower our member countries to achieve their national targets and international commitments. Building on the partnerships and mutual understanding we have developed over the years, I will contribute to AFoCO’s continued growth into an intergovernmental organization with a strong expertise in the forest sector to achieve its mission of “a Greener Asia” through action-oriented initiatives with tangible outcomes.

Drawing on my thirty years of experience in the forest sector and passion for achieving AFoCO’s goals, I will do my best to help AFoCO develop into a leading global forestry organization with the help of our Party countries, Observer countries, and the Secretariat team.

Chongho Park
Executive Director

Organizational Chart

The Secretariat headquarters, headed by the Executive Director is based in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. The Executive Director, elected and appointed by the Assembly, heads the Secretariat of AFoCO, which administers and coordinates the activities and day-to-day operations of the organization as mandated by the Assembly.

Secretariat Team


Chongho Park (Ph.D.)

Executive Director

Sunpil Jin

Yeongjoo Lee (Ph.D.)


Communications & Informatics Team

Jimyung Kim

Program Officer
Assembly & Information & Data Center

Emily Marie Lim

Program Officer

Yujeong Jeong

Assistant Program Officer

Administration & Finance Team

Seonghan Lee (Ph.D.)

Program Officer
Human Resources & Operations Management

Jungwon Hwang

Program Officer
Administrative Operations & Accounting

Rina Choi

Program Officer
Administration & Secretary Officer

Raeyoung Kwak


Pham Duc Chien (Ph.D)


Project Management Team

Sungho Choi

Program Officer
Project Management

Aidai Zhumasheva

Program Officer
Project Appraisal & Gender Policy

Jiyea Cha

Program Officer
Implementation & Monitoring

Capacity Building & Research Team

Soozin Ryang

Program Officer
Capacity Building & Evaluation

Strategic Planning

Kikang Bae (Ph.D.)

Program Officer
Planning & Project Development

Donghwan Kim (Ph.D.)

Program Officer
Strategy & Coordination

Hansol Lee

Assistant Program Officer

Special Projects Unit

Junghwan Park (Ph.D.)

Senior Project Manager

Hojoong Youn (Ph.D.)

Regional Project Manager
based in Cambodia

YoungJu Han

Project Management Coordinator

2019.01 – 2020.12
Chencho Norbu

2021.01 – 2022.12
Ricardo L. Calderon

2013.1 – 2016.8
Hadi Pasaribu, Ph.D.
ASEAN-ROK Forest Cooperation

Logo & Symbol

The AFoCO emblem is a combination of circles, semicircles, and circular quadrants, and it resembles the alphabetical shape of “AFoCO”. The colors of the emblem represent all types of forests sustainably managed in harmony with all living things. Together they represent various ecosystems of the earth where AFoCO aspires to make greener through action-oriented forest cooperation in Asia.

The visual elements that represent AFoCO’s identity include the AFoCO emblem, the AFoCO logotype and other elements such as color and type. These guidelines are meant for AFoCO staff, AFoCO member countries and graphic designers working with AFoCO, and should be implemented with care, consistency and good design judgment.


12F SIMPAC Bldg., 52, Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07330, Republic of Korea

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Dr. Chongho Park was appointed as the third Executive Director of AFoCO at the Seventh Session of the Assembly.

Dr. Park has more than 30 years of experience in the forest sector and international affairs. He served as the Minister of the Korea Forest Service (2019-2021), overseeing international and domestic forest policy formulation related to sustainable forest management (SFM), forest industries, disaster management, and forest welfare, among others.

He also served as President of the Korea Forest Land Restoration Technology Institute (2021-2022) and Vice Executive Director of the ASEAN-Korea Forest Cooperation Secretariat (2012-2015). Previously, he was a forestry attaché in the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia. He has diverse experience leading the development of long-term international programs such as the AFoCO Landmark Program, the Changwon Initiative to combat desertification, and the Greenbelt project in Mongolia.

Dr. Park majored in forest science at Seoul National University and holds a masters in forest policy from Michigan State University and Ph.D. in forestry from Chungnam National University.

Mr. Sunpil Jin joined the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization as Vice Executive Director in February 2021. Having led overseas projects by the Korea Forest Service in AFoCO Party countries, Sunpil brings close to 25 years of extensive experience and leadership in both international and domestic forestry policy development as well as project planning and implementation.
Prior to joining AFoCO, he served as the Director General of the Forest Aviation Headquarters of the Korea Forest Service and was in various senior management positions. Sunpil graduated from the Department of Forestry of Seoul National University and also holds a master’s degree from the Korea National Defense University.