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AFoCO is hosting its first-ever joint exhibition under the theme of sustainable living with home furnishing retailer IKEA Korea and outdoor brand NEPA at IKEA's Gwangmyeong store from November 16 to 29. Come visit us and discover how to live a sustainable lifestyle!
The 2022 ATD expects to explore the concept of forest carbon partnership and the role of AFoCO wand share ongoing efforts and pilot practices of public-private partnerships.
AFoCO’s engagement at the XV WFC will build momentum towards the launching of regional initiatives, forge partnerships to facilitate the delivery of impacts from ongoing or new programs, and promote the achievement of global and regional objectives through collective actions.
The Annual Technical Workshop (ATW) for Project Management and Performance Review will be conducted on April 29. 2022, as part of the pre-congress events preluding the XV World Forestry Congress (WFC) happening from May 2-6, 2022, in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Celebrating the International Day of Forests on March 21 and Earth Day on April 22, let's show that small changes can make a big difference and positively influence those around us. All Instagram users can join the challenge!
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