AFoCO Carbon Tree Calculator

About the AFoCO Carbon Tree Calculator (A·C·T)

The average carbon dioxide (CO₂) emission per person is approximately 4.3 tons per year (World Bank, 2020). To offset this amount, an individual needs to plant about 165 trees. Do you know how much carbon dioxide you are emitting? And how many trees should you plant?

The AFoCO Carbon Tree (A·C·T) Calculator is a tool developed to promote environmental protection and carbon neutrality. It calculates the amount of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions generated from a user’s activities and determines the number of trees needed to offset these emissions. The goal of the A·C·T Calculator is to provide information so that individuals and businesses can make better environmental choices, aiming to achieve environmental protection and carbon neutrality. Through this tool, users can visualize the environmental impact of their activities and actively contribute to environmental protection by planting trees.

The A·C·T Calculator derives carbon emissions by referencing data from verified organizations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the World Bank, and various environmental reports and scientific papers. Based on this information, it measures carbon emissions based on user inputs for activities and habits, such as transportation, electricity consumption, and food consumption. It calculates the number of trees that should be planted to offset the corresponding emissions.

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