AFoCO and KTH: Forging a Sustainable Future in Forestry

January 18, 2024 — Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) and PT. Korintiga Hutani Indonesia (KTH) have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at promoting sustainable forest management. This partnership, rooted in a shared commitment to ecological conservation, focuses on sustainable practices, research, and community engagement.

Mr. Abe Hironobu, President Director of KTH and Dr. Chongho Park, Executive Director of AFoCO,
holding up Letter of Cooperation

Starting on January 18, 2024, this historic collaboration aims to integrate advanced technology with progressive policy frameworks to combat climate change and promote sustainable forestry.

The collaboration will primarily concentrate on key areas such as knowledge exchange, skill-building, and fostering public-private partnerships, with a strong emphasis on global climate change and carbon policy within forestry. Notably, KTH is particularly enthusiastic about introducing and sharing Remote Sensing and GIS technology, which will be applied to the tropical forest management through this cooperation.

The joint venture will involve the development of collaborative programs, the creation and distribution of educational publications, and other initiatives aimed at improving the forestry sector. These efforts seek to enhance both the technical and operational aspects of forestry while increasing awareness and understanding of sustainable practices.

(From the left) Mr. Katsumi Kanedaz, Chief Financial Officer of KTH, Mr. Abe Hironobu, Dr. Chongho Park,
Ms. Jimyung Kim, Operations and Resource Team Leader of AFoCO, and Dr. Jongmyung Park, Managing Director of KTH

Contributed by Mr. Kiwon Kim, Assistant Program Officer

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