MoU Signing Ceremony with Cambodia for the AKCF and MKCF Project (AFoCO/032/2022 and AFoCO/037/2023)

MoU Signing for the two Projects: “Capacity Building on Enhancing Resilience to Forest Fire, and Local Livelihood and Market Linkages (AFoCO/032/2022)” funded by ASEAN Korea Cooperation Fund (AKCF) and “Information and Communication Technology for Adaptation to Climate Change and Forest Fire Management in Mekong Region (AFoCO/037/2023)” by Mekong RoK Cooperation Fund (MKCF)
(From the left) Mr. Hojoong Youn., Mr. Chheang Dany., Mr. Hem Saravuth., Mr. Sunpil Jin., Mr. Junghwan Park

12 June 2023 – The MoU Signing Ceremony between the Forestry Administration of Cambodia and the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) marked a significant milestone in their collaboration to address the pressing issue of forest fires. The event witnessed the signing of two key projects that aim to enhance forest fire management, promote sustainable forest practices, and safeguard the well-being of local communities in Cambodia.

Figure-2. Group photo of Participants from the AFoCO Secretariat

During the ceremony, Mr. Sunpil Jin, Vice Executive Director of the AFoCO Secretariat, highlighted the urgency of taking action to combat forest fires in Cambodia. He emphasized the importance of the ASEAN-Korea Forest Cooperation Project (AKCF) and the Mekong-Korea Forest Cooperation Project (MKCF) as crucial initiatives in addressing this challenge. These projects will implement an integrated fire management system, engage local communities, and enhance institutional capacities to mitigate the risks of forest fires.

The AKCF and MKCF projects go beyond tackling forest fires and contribute to broader sustainable development goals. By leveraging modern technologies and involving local communities, these initiatives promote biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, and the overall well-being of the local population in Cambodia. The projects aim to strike a balance between forest fire prevention and sustainable forest management, ensuring the long-term health and resilience of Cambodia’s valuable forest resources.

The signing of the MoU signifies the commitment of both the Forestry Administration of Cambodia and the AFoCO Secretariat to work hand-in-hand towards the successful implementation of these projects. The collaboration between the two organizations exemplifies the importance of pooling expertise, resources, and knowledge to address complex environmental challenges.

Figure-3. Group photo of participants based in Cambodia

During the ceremony, Mr. Chheang Dany, Deputy Director General of the Forestry Administration, expressed deep gratitude to the AFoCO Secretariat for their unwavering support in implementing national forest strategies and making the forest fire-related projects a reality. He highlighted the adverse consequences of forest fires on the environment, society, and economy in Cambodia, emphasizing the significance of the AFoCO projects in combating forest fires and their potential impact on the region.

As the signed projects commence their implementation phase, stakeholders anticipate positive outcomes in the form of enhanced forest fire resilience, improved livelihoods for local communities, and sustainable forest management practices. The collaboration between the Forestry Administration of Cambodia and the AFoCO Secretariat sets a solid foundation for future endeavors and underscores the importance of international cooperation in addressing critical environmental issues.

The MoU Signing Ceremony served as a platform to strengthen collaboration and reaffirm the commitment to combat forest fires in Cambodia. Through the AKCF and MKCF projects, innovative approaches, community engagement, and sustainable practices will shape the future of forest fire management in Cambodia. The collective efforts of the Forestry Administration, AFoCO Secretariat, and other stakeholders pave the way for a greener and more resilient future for Cambodia’s forests and the communities that depend on them.

Contributed by Ms. YoungJu HAN, Project Management Coordinator

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