Highlights from the 1st PMC-FFMS Meeting in Cambodia for AFoCO/032/2022 Project

17 January 2024, the 1st Meeting of Project Management Committee of Forest Fire Management System (PMC-FFMS) in Cambodia of the Project “Capacity building on enhancing resilience to forest fire, and local livelihood and market linkages (AFoCO/032/2022)” was taken. The meeting was organized in hybrid mode with the participation of members of PMC-FFMS in Cambodia, project stakeholders and organizers; 22 participants physically and 8 participants virtually.

Mr. Chan Polika, Deputy Director General of the Forestry Administration and co-chair of the meeting, delivered the opening remarks. He welcomed all participants and expressed appreciation to AFoCO for its contribution to implementing forest policy in Cambodia. He encouraged all PMC members to actively support the on-the-ground implementation of the project.

Following his remark, Mr. Sunpil Jin, Vice Executive Director of AFoCO, delivered congratulatory remarks, extending congratulations on the initiation of the project implementation at the country level. He expressed appreciation to the ImplementingAgency for the progress achieved, so far. As the 1st Meeting of PCM-FFMS is a crucial step forward in achieving the project goals, he hoped that the collaborative efforts and commitments made during the meeting would continue yield positive impacts in the future.

The meeting featured diverse and insightful presentations and discussions. Dr. Junghwan Park, senior project manager, delivered a comprehensive overview of the AKCF Project and its progress. Following his presentation, he addressed the audience regarding the “Project Steering Committee (PSC) and Project Management Committee (PMC)” of the AKCF Project. The meeting also included a presentation on the advancements in in-country project activities throughout 2023, along with a detailed discussion on the work and budget plan for upcoming in-country project activities presented by the Implementing Agency. Furthermore, deliberations took place concerning the PMC-FFMS (Project Management Committee-Financial Management System) members and the composition of the In-country project team.

As the participants depart with a clearer understanding and strengthened resolve, the 1st Meeting of PMC-FFMS has laid a solid foundation for collaborative efforts and proactive engagement, steering the project towards successful realization of its goals.

Submitted by Ms. Minyoung Jeong, Assistant Program Officer

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