Project Steering Committee Meetings for AFoCO Projects in Myanmar held Back-to-Back

January 15, 2024 – The 4th Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting for the project on “Model Forest for Livelihood Improvement of Forest Dependent Communities through Development of Community-based Enterprise and Forest Conservation (AFoCO/015/2020)” and “Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Teak Plantations in Bago Region, Myanmar (AFoCO/014/2020)” was organized virtually. Both participants from Myanmar and AFoCO Secretariat warmly greeted each other. The meeting commenced with the introduction of the provisional agendas.

PSC Meeting for the project AFoCO/015/2020 took place initially. Commencing in 2020, this three-year project aims to balance forest conservation with improving livelihoods. It will establish model forest villages for sustainable forest management and local livelihood promotion.

The project manager of Myanmar presented the progress and accomplishments of the project in 2023 and reported the work and budget plan for 2024 for consideration and approval during the meeting. Furthermore, a 6-month extension for the project duration was discussed and subsequently approved.

4th Project Steering Committee Meeting for AFoCO/015/2020

The 4th PSC Meeting for the project on “Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Teak Plantations in Bago Region, Myanmar (AFoCO/014/2020) was held subsequently. The project aims to enhance the health and vitality of the West Bago Yoma Region’s forests by exploring pest and disease control and prevention measures, as well as implementing capacity-building programs for all stakeholders.

During the meeting, the Deputy Project Manager of AFoCO/014/2020 provided a presentation on the 2023 annual physical progress and financial progress and thereafter proceeded to the work and budget plan for 2024.

4th Project Steering Committee Meeting for AFoCO/014/2020

The PSC Meetings held for AFoCO/015/2022 and AFoCO/014/2020 were crucial in evaluating the progress of both projects and planning for the future. The Implementing Agency’s achievements and dedication were commendable, and the meetings provided a platform for insightful discussions, collaborative decision-making and the approval of key plans and extensions. Participants from Myanmar and the AFoCO Secretariat had warm exchanges, highlighting the spirit of partnership and shared commitment towards achieving the goals of sustainable forest management, community-based enterprise development, and forest conservation. The outcomes of these meetings will surely contribute to the continued success and impact of these vital initiatives.

Contributed by Ms. Woori Cho, Intern, ODA Project Team, Project and Program Division

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