Ensuring Fuctioning of Cultural Ecosystem Services in an Urban Setting: Assimilating Nature for Forest Healing and Experiential Learning in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center


  • USD 984,175


  • AFoCO Funding

    USD 705,000 71.63%

  • National Contribution

    USD 279,175 28.37%


Philippines USD 984,175
    • 2024
    • 67%
    AFoCO Funding - USD 561,494
    National Contribution - USD 96,206
    • 2025
    • 33%
    AFoCO Funding - USD 143,506
    National Contribution - USD 182,969

Goals & Objectives of the Project

To contribute to the realization of various ecosystem services from the protection and development of Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center (NAPWC)

Main Activities

Objective 1: To develop payment for ecosystem services scheme in NAPWC

  • Conduct ecosystem services valuation and feasibility assessment of the project site
  • Develop payment scheme such as recreational and wellness programs
  • Forge partnership will communities, various government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders as part of the sustainability mechanism
  • Institutionalization and establishment of Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) mechanism

Objective 2: To assimilate nature in an urban setting and establish a healing forest and experimental learning, promoting the contribution of forests and biodiversity to human health and well-being

  • Improvement of the arboretum and facilities for forest healing and experimental learning
  • Development of educational and wellness programs
  • Conduct training programs related to forest healing and experiential learning programs
  • Exchange of knowledge and learning from the experiences of expert countries on forest healing programs and establishment of arboretum

Objective 3: To develop poliy recommendations enhancing policies that promote cultural ecosystem services in an urban setting

  • Conduct writeshops and workshops to formulate policies and guidelines
  • Conduct policy/guideline consultation workshops
  • Endorsement of the draft policy/guidelines

Expected Outputs

  • Enhanced level of appreciation of the public relative to the cultural ecosystem of urban green spaces, urban parks and forests
  • Intensified degree of awareness of the public on the various endemic, native, and indigenious tree species and native flowering tree species in the Philippines
  • Improved protection and conservation activities of NAPWC
  • Improve air quality and increased carbon sequestration potentially within the vicinities of NAPWC

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