Establishment of ASEAN-Korea Garden in Lao PDR


  • USD 1,259,159


  • AFoCO Funding

    USD 1,152,959 91.57%

  • National Contribution

    USD 106,200 8.43%


Lao PDR USD 1,245,859
    • 2024
    • 72%
    AFoCO Funding - USD 849,504
    National Contribution - USD 53,100
    • 2025
    • 28%
    AFoCO Funding - USD 290,155
    National Contribution - USD 53,100

Goals & Objectives of Project

To promote the forest and biodiversity conservation toward healthy human well-being

Main Activities

Objective 1: To promote human well-being and rescue tree and plant species threatened/displayed through the establishment of ASEAN-Korea Garden

  • Conduct stakeholder workshop on ASEAN-Korea Garden (Government complex of Vientiane)
  • Conduct actual project site assessment and preparation for detailed planning
  • Develop detailed design of ASEAN-ROK Gardens, ASEAN-ROK traditional villages, native forest plantation zone, forest and biodiversity exhibition hall, and forest trails (3km)
  • Actual construction of ASEAN-ROK Gardens, traditional villages, and the forest and biodiversity exhibition hall and conduct regular monitoring
  • Equip the garden with ICT facilities and supporting materials
  • Renovate natural ponds with supporing infrastructures (bridge)
  • Conduct quality assurance and quality control for all facilities
  • Conduct official inauguration ASEAN-ROK Garden

Objective 2: To increase public awareness on forest and biodiversity conservation, and to share experience and best practices on the development of ASEAN-ROK Garden globally

  • Conduct technical meeting with experts on forest and biodiversity to develop awareness raising programs on forest and biodiveristy
  • Develop forest and biodiversity education handbook for forest trainers, guards, and gardeners
  • Provide vocational training to forest trainers, guards, gardeners on tourist accommodation protocol
  • Conduct international exchange to ROK on forest recreation/botanical gardens for forest trainers, guards, and local Department of Forestry (DoF) officers
  • Develop a video clip on ASEAN-Korea Garden and organize a dissemination workshop on ASEAN-Korea Garden for public and private schools in Vientiane Capital and Luangprabang Province
  • Conduct national workshop on ASEAN-Korea garden long-term management planning (10 years)
  • Prepare ASEAN-Korea Garden Rules and Procedure (R&P) for local forest trainers, guards, visitors, and staffs

Objective 3: To develop tourist market linkage and prepare sustainable financial planing to sustain the ASEAN-Korea Garden management in the long-run

  • Conduct national tourist network workshop on ASEAN-Korea Garden
  • Identify partnership with national and international tourist agencies
  • Register ASEAN-Korea Garden at MOIC, Trip Adviser, Agoda, and, etc
  • Develop and launch ASEAN-Korea Garden webpage and social media page for potential visitors
  • Conduct assessment on sustainable financing for ASEAN-Korea Garden
  • Provide financial and technical support to forest guards, trainers for two years after officially launching the garden
  • Provide maintenance materials to the hall and the garden for 2 years

Expected Outputs

  • The ASEAN-ROK Gardens, including its ICT facilities are successfully constructed and strictly maintained, providing long-term benefits to the public
  • The forest and biodiversity education program and ICT materials developed and put in place for implementation and monitoring
  • Sustainable market linkage promoted, forest education enhanced, and sustainable forest finance for ASEAN-ROK Garden established

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