Technology and Capacity Enhancement for Massive Production of Quality Planting Materials to Support National Forestation Goals in Kazakhstan


  • USD 1,243,146


  • AFoCO Funding

    USD 978,146 78.68%

  • National Contribution

    USD 265,000 21.32%


Kazakhstan USD 1,243,146
    • 2024
    • 27%
    AFoCO Funding - USD 223,653
    National Contribution - USD 107,500
    • 2025
    • 73%
    AFoCO Funding - USD 754,493
    National Contribution - USD 157,500

Goals & Objectives of the Project

To enhance its capacity to supply high quality seedlings to achieve their national target of restoring 1.5 million hectares of degraded forest and increase its forest cover to 14.5 million hectares by 2030, addressing the pressing issue of forest loss by wildfires and desertification in Kazakhstan

Main Activities

Objective 1: To prepare technical documents as basis for the establishment of the nursery complex

  • Develop a scientific recommendation and technical plan for a plot in a nursery complex
  • Develop a detailed design and estimation for the establishment of the nursery complex
  • Develop a technical document/guideline for the installation of the nursery irrigation system

Objective 2: To establish a mechanized nursery complex

  • Land preparation of the nursery complex
  • Establish and construct a nursery complex with a capacity of 1.5 million seedling production in one year (two rotations)
  • Develop a lay-out the irrigation network system for the nursery
  • Install irrigation system in the nursery

Objective 3: To conduct national regional capcity building and research activities on the establishment and operationalization of mechanized nursery and afforestation activities

  • Conduct trainings for local forestry workers on the operationalization of the mechanized nursery and management
  • Conduct training on the use of benefits from the nursery, forests, and non-wood based forest products for local communities in the project site

Objective 4: To establish protective windbreaks around the city of Shchuchinsk

  • Prepare technical documents and design of the protective windbreaks
  • Establish protective windbreaks around the city of Shchuchinsk (25ha)

Expected Outputs

  • Technical documents and guidelines developed and prepared for the nursery complex
  • Nursery complex established with mechanized nursery, growing area, and hardening area
  • Knoweldge and skills of local forestry officers, local communities, and other international stakeholders are enhanced on afforestation, management and operationalization of the mechanized nursery complex
  • 25ha of protective windbreaks are established around the city of Shchuchinsk

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