Call for Applications: 2023-2024 Landmark Scholarship Program

The Secretariat would like to call for applications for the “2023-2024 Landmark Scholarship Program”.

The Secretariat will select a maximum of four (4) scholarship candidates comprising one (1) candidate for doctoral a degree course and three (3) candidates for a master’s degree course to be selected from among applicants nominated by participating countries of the Program.

Each participating country is kindly requested to nominate one (1) applicant for each doctoral and master’s degree course by sending the Letter of Recommendation (please refer to Annex-2 of the Guidelines for the 2023 Landmark Scholarship Program) with the nomination letter to the Secretariat by email at [email protected] no later than:
15 March 2023 for the nomination of an applicant for a doctoral degree course, and
31 May 2023 for the nomination of an applicant for a master’s degree course.

The nominated applicant should submit the required application documents listed in the Guidelines for the 2023-2024 Landmark Scholarship Program directly to the Secretariat via email ([email protected]) by the above-mentioned nomination deadlines as well.

Considering that this Call will be the last batch of the scholarship program with the current funding source, we would like to kindly seek your attention that the study period for the doctoral course shall start in the Fall Semester of 2023. Hence, please nominate a Ph.D. course candidate who can apply for admission to the Fall Semester of 2023 which will start in September this year. The application deadline for the fall semester for international students varies from mid-April to the end of June depending on the participating universities.

Kindly refer to the Guidelines for the 2023-2024 Landmark Scholarship Program for detailed information.

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