Call for Applications: 2023 Landmark Scholarship Program

The Secretariat would like to call for applications for the “2023 Landmark Scholarship Program”.

The Secretariat will select a maximum of five (5) scholarship candidates – two (2) candidates for a doctoral degree course and three (3) candidates for a master’s degree course – among applicants nominated by the participating country in the Landmark Scholarship Program. The number of scholarship candidates selected for each degree course may change within the abovementioned total admission quota of the 2023 Landmark Scholarship Program, depending on the application status.

Each participating country is kindly requested to nominate one (1) applicant by sending the Letter of Recommendation (Annex-2 in the Guidelines for the 2023 Landmark Scholarship Program) with nomination letter to the Secretariat by 19 June 2022. The nominated applicants should submit the required application documents listed in the Guidelines for the 2023 Landmark Scholarship Program to the Secretariat by the aforementioned date as well. All application documents, including the nomination letter, should be submitted by email to [email protected].

Scholarship recipients will begin their studies in March 2023 at the universities they are admitted to. Kindly refer to the attached guidelines for detailed information on the application process and participating universities of the Landmark Scholarship Program.

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