AFoCO and FAO Jointly Host Successful 2023 Annual Thematic Dialogue

On 24 October, in a remarkable collaboration, AFoCO Annual Thematic Dialogue witnessed its third iteration, this time joined by an esteemed international partner, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). Under the theme of “Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable World”, the event showcased informative presentations and constructive discussions, marking a significant milestone in fostering broader engagement and knowledge exchange.

Parties and Observer of AFoCO, representatives from international organization partners, GCF, FAO, ITTO, RECOFTC, and participants celebrated the expanded scope of the Dialogue, emphasizing the value of diverse perspectives and shared insights. The joint dialogue with FAO highlighted the importance of cooperation in addressing critical issues related to sustainable forest management and socio-economic development.

Key points raised during the dialogue underscored the integral role of sustainable wood and non-wood forest products in promoting forest sustainability and enhancing socio-economic benefits, such as alleviating hunger and poverty. Emphasizing the need for integrated approaches, speakers advocated for linking the wood agenda with forest restoration, biodiversity conservation, and local livelihoods, thereby exchanging a holistic discussion on the complex challenges.

Looking ahead, participants expressed a commitment to further exploring country-specific needs, particularly within the Asian region, through targeted consultations. Collaboration between FAO and AFoCO was reaffirmed, with plans to jointly develop programs and projects aimed at addressing regional forestry priorities and promoting sustainable development.

An immediate follow-up initiative was announced, wherein an information session on the EU-funded Forest Governance and Value Chains Programme, led by FAO, was organized at the sidelines of the 9th Session of the Assembly. This aims to provide valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration.

Participants departed with a sense of accomplishment, having enriched their understanding and forged new partnerships in the pursuit of sustainable forest management and inclusive development.

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