AFoCO and KOICA cooperate to combat climate change

May 3, 2022 – AFoCO and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) will strengthen their joint work on the development of a regional strategy and approach, implementation of joint programs and capacity-building activities, and building the capacity to access climate change-related fund, including the Green Climate Fund under a new memorandum of understanding (MOU), signed today.

KOICA President Mr. Hyuk-Sang Sohn and AFoCO Executive Director Ricardo L. Calderon endorsed the MOU at the XV World Forestry Congress, held in Seoul from May 2 to 7.

Both leaders welcomed the signing as recognition of the two organizations’ shared interest in supporting the prevention and management of forest disasters based on the information and communications technologies(ICT), enhancing the carbon sequestration potential of the forest, contributing to the restoration of a vulnerable forest ecosystem, and promoting livelihood improvement of mountain villages through fostering community-based enterprises.

In February 2022, AFoCO visited KOICA Headquarters to explore the possibility of cooperation with KOICA through AFoCO Green Partnership. KOICA initially indicated its interest in pursuing the development of cooperation programs/projects in Asia. In March 2022, KOICA proposed cooperating through Organization-To-Organization (OTO) cooperation after internal discussions. In response, AFoCO proposed an MOU signing during the World Forestry Congress in May 2022.

“It was very impressive that Mr. Calderon introduced himself as a “True Blue Forest” in an interview with Korea Herald. We expect that our KOICA employees, who are proud of themselves as True Developers, will be able to work in the ‘blue collar’ field with AFoCO to create practical results that reach local people,” said Mr. Hyuk-Sang Sohn. “I am certain that both AFoCO and KOICA are moving forward with a strong and determined leadership in implementing sustainable forest management and addressing climate change issues, from local to global levels,” said Mr. Calderon.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that trust, partnership, and solidarity are essential in confronting global disturbances affecting our health, social, economic, and environmental situations. Thus, a strong partnership is crucial for bringing communities, governments, and nations together to contribute to the solution to the problem at hand.”

“This partnership creates an avenue for the two organizations to play a significant role in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and taking decisive actions to address the negative impacts of climate change,” said Mr. Calderon. “The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding marks the consolidation of a true partnership.”

Contributed by Lee Yeji Lee, Intern

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