AFoCO and Thailand: Innovation to International Day of Forests 2024

Dr. Chongho Park, Executive Director of the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO), has been invited by the Royal Forest Department (RFD) of Thailand to participate in the International Day of Forests 2024. The event, scheduled for March 21, 2024, in Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand to celebrate the theme “Forests and Innovation: New Solutions for a Better World”.

This collaboration event highlights the commitment of both AFoCO Secretariat and Royal Forest Department of Thailand to forest conservation and innovation. The agenda includes activities like exhibition displays, tree planting, and discussions on sustainable forest management, aimed at raising public awareness and fostering international partnerships.

(Photo) Participants are attending the tree planting ceremony for the International Day of Forests 2024 in Thailand

Mr. Nopadol Phonsen, the Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, officially opened the ceremony. Following this, Mr. Ronnapop Wlangsimma, the Vice Governor of Kanchanaburi Province, and Mr. Bennaruk Sermthong, the Deputy Director General of the Royal Forest Department, extended warm welcome remarks to the participants.

(Photo) Mr. Nopadol Phonsen giving a souvenir to Dr. Chongho Park
(Photo) Mr. Bennaruk Sermthong giving a Plaque of Appreciation to Dr. Chongho Park
(Photo) Dr. Chongho Park giving a souvenir to Mr. Ronnapop Wlangsimma

Dr. Chongho Park, the Executive Director of the AFoCO Secretariat, emphasized the theme “Forests and Innovation” in his special remarks. In a compelling address, the Executive Director urgent need for innovative solutions in forest conservation and management to against to climate change and biodiversity loss. Praising forests for their crucial role in sustaining the planet, the Executive Director highlighted the importance of adopting new technologies and indigenous practices for sustainable forest management.

(Photo) Special remark of Dr. Chongho Park, Executive Director of AFoCO Secretariat

AFoCO’s initiatives, such as the Strategic Plan 2024-2030 and the Climate Action Plan, showcase a commitment to innovation, including the formation of a carbon team and the development of agroforestry-carbon projects. The launch of the “Friend of Asia and Asia Forest (FAAF)” platform aims to engage the private sector in forest conservation efforts, backed by support from global leaders and partnerships.

(Photo) Trainers and Trainees of the AFoCO-RETC training program participating in International Day of Forests 2024

Additionally, the “2nd Training of Trainers for Forest Fire Suppression” is being jointly organized by the AFoCO RETC, the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and the Royal Forest Department of Thailand. It is taking place alongside the International Day of Forests 2024, further emphasizing the global effort to enhance forest conservation practices.

(Photo) Tree planting ceremony (from left) Professor Suyoung Woo, University of Seoul, Dr. Preecha Ongprasert, Royal Forest Department of Thailand, Dr. Chongho Park, Executive Director of AFoCO, Ms. Soozin Ryang, CE Team leader of AFoCO, and Professor Hoduck Kang, Dongguk University

The participation of Executive Director of AFoCO in the event is a crucial step towards strengthening international collaboration in forestry conservation and showcasing innovative solutions for sustainable forest management. Marking this significant event and furthering efforts to conserve the forest environment, the Executive Director also took part in a tree planting ceremony.

Contributed by Dr. Kiwon Kim, Assistant Program Officer, Capacity-Building & Evaluation Team

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