AFoCO jointly organizes Tree Planting Event with L’OCCITANE and Nowon District Office commemorating 79th Arbor Day

April 5, 2024 — As part of the project titled ‘Restoration of the Land Devastated by Forest Fire in Bulam Mountain,’ a tree planting event was organized to commemorate the 79th Korean Arbor Day. The Asia Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO), in collaboration with L’OCCITANE Korea and the Nowon District Office in Seoul, orchestrated the event.

The tree planting event, held at Azalea Park in Bulam Mountain, Nowon District, Seoul, brought together approximately 170 participants. Notable attendees included Mr.Sunpil Jin, the Vice Executive Director of AFoCO, Mr. Oh Seung-rok, the Mayor of Nowon District, and Ms. Jin-ha Kim, the General Manager of L’OCCITANE Korea. Their collective presence underscored a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and restoration efforts.

With L’OCCITANE group’s generous support of over 80 million won, the project aims to utilize nature-based solutions to revive the ecosystem of Bulam Mountain, which suffered significant damage from a wildfire in 2022. Among the objectives are the protection and restoration of indigenous and rare tree species.

During the event, AFoCO and L’OCCITANE staff, alongside enthusiastic citizens, joined forces to plant a total of 3,150 trees. AFoCO and L’OCCITANE staff planted 200 trees, while citizens actively contributed by planting 2,950 trees. This collective effort not only adds greenery to the landscape but also serves as a tangible manifestation of the community’s dedication to environmental conservation.

AFoCO staffs planting trees at the tree planting event

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