Online Webinar on “Integrated Highland Wildfire, Smoke and Haze Management in the Upper Indochina Region”

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The AFoCO Regional Education and Training Center (RETC) has been organizing training courses with a focus on forest rehabilitation and reforestation, forest fire management, and community-based forest management in order to train the leaders to ensure good governance for a Greener Asia. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, some training programs planned in 2020 have been canceled since March 2020.

In efforts to continue providing capacity development opportunities, the AFoCO RETC teamed up with Kasetsart University in Thailand to organize an online webinar on “Integrated Highland Wildfire, Smoke and Haze Management in the Upper Indochina Region” from 16 to 17 December. The two-day webinar aimed to strengthen the capabilities of forestry officials in the utilization of advanced forest fire prediction and detection technologies and share knowledge and experiences on fire detection and suppression practices applied in Thailand and Myanmar.

A total of 10 government officials from the Forest Department of Myanmar participated in the online webinar. Dr, Veerachai Tanpipat from the Upper ASEAN Wildland Fire Research Unit in Thailand, assistant professor Dr. Kobsak Wanthongchai from Kasetsart University, Mr. Ronald Macatangay, and Ms. Nion Sirimongkonlertkun delivered lectures on forest fire ecology, forest fire detection system, smoke and haze information system, and fire detection application (Chiang Rai Model).


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