3rd Project Steering Committee Meeting for AFoCO/031/2022, Viet Nam Successfully Held

On January 4, 2024, the 3rd Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting for AFoCO/031/2022 on the ‘Rehabilitation of degraded and potentially deserted forest land in the Northwest region of Vietnam through application of integrated technical measures’ was conducted online. This project, covering Son La, Hoa Binh, Dien Bien, and Lai Chau provinces, aims to sustainably rehabilitate degraded forest lands, combating desertification through advanced technology, integrated measures, and community engagement for long-term ecological and livelihood benefits.

Chaired by Prof. Dr. Vo Dai Hai, the meeting marked a pivotal moment in assessing the project’s progress and shaping the strategic direction for the upcoming year.

The meeting commenced with a reflection on the outstanding progress achieved since the 2nd PSC Meeting, held on December 2, 2022, in Hoa Binh Province. Participants discussed the physical and financial advancements made in 2023, approving the annual work and budget plan for 2024. The concerted efforts of the Implementing Agency (IA) were commended for their role in propelling the project forward.

The IA has recommended the postponement of the Mid-term evaluation, originally scheduled for August 2024. This proposal is due to the influence of unusual weather conditions and El Nino, causing a delay in the planting period. The original Quarter 1 plan for planting in 2023 has been shifted to Quarter 3. The Committee suggests rescheduling the Mid-term evaluation in late November or early December to account for these delays and ensure an optimal evaluation process. In conclusion, the 3rd PSC Meeting for AFoCO/031/2022 was a crucial step in assessing the project’s progress and planning for the future. Acknowledging past achievements and the dedication of the Implementing Agency, the meeting set a strategic direction for the continued rehabilitation of degraded forest lands in the Northwest region of Vietnam.

Contributed by Ms. Woori Cho, Intern, ODA Project Team, Project and Program Division

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