First online monthly meeting between the AFoCO Secretariat and Korea-Mekong Forest Cooperation Center

February 25, 2022—In line with the operationalization of the Agreement on Operational Arrangement (AOA) signed on 12 May 2021, the first online monthly meeting for 2022 between the AFoCO Secretariat and Korea-Mekong Forest Cooperation Center (KMFCC) was arranged on 25 February 2022. Dr. Kong Young Ho, Director of KMFCC warmly welcomed everyone to the meeting and proceeded with the provisional meeting agenda.

The Meeting discussed (1) updates on the ongoing and newly launching AFoCO projects in the CLMV (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Viet Nam) countries;(2) updates on the COVID-19 situation in CLMV (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Viet Nam) countries; and (3) the Work Plan for 2022.

The meeting mainly discussed the current status of ongoing projects and new regional projects and agreed to cooperate based on the AOA between the Center and the Secretariat, especially on project monitoring of projects that are currently ongoing in CLMV countries. The meeting also addressed COVID-19 situations in each country and the related quarantine regulations for the Secretariat to consider when planning to visit the relevant countries, especially regulations in Viet Nam and Myanmar which the Secretariat has plans to visit during March 2022. The meeting adjourned with hopes that the COVID-19 situation would improve in the near future to boost cooperation efforts between the AFoCO Secretariat and the KMFCC in effectively managing ongoing and future projects in CLMV countries.

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