FEATURE: Reaching out to the future generation

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Educating and inspiring to increase the impact of future action

With support from the Korea Green Fund, AFoCO launched a series of Global Forest Camps for children from multicultural families to educate and increase awareness and understanding of forests and the need to conserve and manage them in a sustainable manner. The camps helped instill an appreciation for forests and nature by engaging children in experiential learning activities that foster creativity and teamwork. Five camps were organized in February, July, and August.


In the months of October and November, AFoCO visited schools across the country to organize experiential forest culture workshops aimed at inculcating a basic understanding of international organizations and the importance and value of forests. The half-day workshops begin with a talk on forests in Asia and the roles that forests play in today’s world while reminding our young audience that everyone has a responsibility to protect forests. The second half of the workshop program included a wood-crafting session which saw children diligently creating various wood products under the guidance of instructors.