AFoCO’s 2nd Global Forest Winter Camp

Embarking on a fun and educational trip into the woods

AFoCO’s 2nd Global Forest Camp for youths was held from 21-24 February 2019 at the National Center for Forest Activities in Hoengseong. The camp welcomed more than 80 students from multicultural families in Korea.

Through a carefully planned program consisting of hands-on activities and interactive lectures, our young participants were able to learn about forests and climate change as well as the diverse cultures and traditions in Asian countries. The camp activities also enabled children to develop their self-esteem, independence, and social skills. The woodcraft and team-building activities also allowed the participants to tap on their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Another key activity that the children loved was Winter Forest Trekking! Nature guides introduced the special features of certain tree species and also explained what happens to trees during winter. Participants played games in the snow and got to take home some souvenirs from the forest. Most importantly, they were encouraged to enjoy precious time in nature without their mobile devices — the excessive use of which is emerging as a social issue amongst the younger generation.

On the last day, participants were given the opportunity to present their ideas and declarations on how to save forests and contribute towards protecting the environment during the mock AFoCO Assembly session.


The Global Summer Camps will be held during the summer vacation in August this year. The 2019 Global Forest Camps are only open to children from multicultural families residing in the Republic of Korea.
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