Strengthening collaboration: AFoCO and Global EverGreening Alliance Limited sign MoU

June 1, 2023 — Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) took a significant stride towards strengthening international forest cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Global EverGreening Alliance Limited (GEA) on 1 June 2023. This collaborative agreement aims to leverage the expertise and resources of both organizations to effectively address the impacts of climate change and promote sustainable forest management.

Dr. Chongho Park, AFoCO Executive Director and Mr. Chris Armitage, CEO of Global EverGreening Alliance holding up the signed agreement

The signing of the MoU signifies the recognition of the complementary nature of AFoCO and GEA’s missions. Both organizations express a strong desire to collaborate and work together to achieve common objectives outlined in Section 3 of the MoU.

The collaboration between AFoCO and GEA encompasses several key areas:

1. Identifying opportunities for land restoration programs AFoCO and GEA will collaborate in identifying suitable opportunities for land restoration programs. This includes fundraising, designing, and implementing initiatives related to carbon offsetting programs. The collaboration will be conducted on a non-exclusive basis, with the roles and responsibilities of each party defined in separate MoUs or written agreements.

2. Presenting, marketing, and promoting joint opportunities
AFoCO and GEA commit to jointly and individually promote, advertise, and market joint activities and opportunities resulting from their collaboration. By leveraging their combined networks and resources, they aim to maximize the impact of their efforts in combating climate change and addressing land degradation.

3. Sharing knowledge and building capacity
Recognizing the value of knowledge exchange, AFoCO and GEA will share their respective expertise and experiences on matters of mutual interest. This knowledge-sharing aspect will strengthen their joint efforts in tackling global challenges and promoting sustainable forest management practices.

4. Operation of the Landscape Partnership Asia (LPA)
AFoCO and GEA have agreed to enhance the governance arrangements and activities of the Landscape Partnership Asia (LPA). The development of the LPA will be governed by a separate MoU or agreement between the two organizations. Specific responsibilities pertaining to the LPA will be outlined in this dedicated agreement.

The implementation of this MoU will witness AFoCO and GEA working closely together, pooling their expertise, networks, and resources to address pressing environmental issues and foster sustainable development. This partnership exemplifies AFoCO’s dedication to international forest cooperation and its mission to bring about positive change in the face of climate change and related challenges.

AFoCO looks forward to the fruitful collaboration with GEA and believes that this alliance will serve as a catalyst for achieving tangible and lasting impacts in the realm of sustainable forest management and environmental conservation. Together, AFoCO and GEA are poised to make a significant contribution towards creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

(From left) Dr. Yeongjoo Lee, AFoCO Operations and Resource Management Division Director; Ms. Hansol Lee, Strategy and Planning Team Assistant Program Officer; Dr. Chongho Park, AFoCO Executive Director; Mr. Chris Armitage, CEO of Global EverGreening Alliance; Mr. Sunpil Jin, AFoCO Vice Executive Director; and Dr. Kikang Bae, Strategy and Planning Team Program Officer

Contributed by Hansol Lee, Assistant Program Officer, Strategy and Planning Team

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