AFoCO and Indonesia sign MOU for Non-Timber Forest Products Project

December 20, 2023 –  In a momentous collaboration, the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) and the Institute for Implementation of Standard Instrument of Environment and Forestry Palembang (BPSILHK Palembang) reached a milestone with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This significant step marks the official launch of the project titled “Improved local community livelihoods through increased income from Non-Timber Forests Products (NTFP): Modeling Scalable Community-based Enterprises in Asia (AFoCO/035/2022).” The MOU outlines joint efforts to enhance the quality of dragon’s blood in Indonesia, supporting both national industry development and local community livelihoods.

Mr. Sunpil Jin, Vice Executive Director in AFoCO, expressed his enthusiasm during the MOU signing for the NTFP Project, emphasizing its pivotal role in sustainable livelihoods and forest conservation. Recognizing dragon’s blood as a symbol of biodiversity, he highlighted the project’s promise to empower local communities through capacity building and sustainable practices. He congratulated all involved parties, urging determined efforts for a lasting impact and a lasting impact and a brighter future marked by improved livelihoods.

Following Mr. Sunpil Jin’s remarks, Mr. Ary Sudijanto, Director General of Agency for Standardization of Environmental and Forestry Instruments, emphasized the significance of the MOU for sustainable forest management. He specifically addressed concerns about the declining dragon blood population, stressing the need for conservation efforts. Commending those involved, Mr. Ary viewed the MOU as a starting point for crucial work and expressed commitment to enhancing sustainable forest management and community livelihoods.

This collaborative initiative is positioned to significantly contribute to the conservation of natural resources and the enhancement of economic well-being, with a specific focus on Tanjung Agung Village, Semende Darat Ulu Distric, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Focused on local livelihood improvement and Community-Based NTFPs Enterprise (CBNE) development as its primary target area, the project also aims to strengthen institutional capabilities, diversify resources and promote regional actions in the secondary target area. This comprehensive approach underscores the project’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and prosperity in the specified region.

The signing of this MOU holds the promise of fostering a sustainable and prosperous future in Indonesia. With its primary focus on improving local livelihood and developing CBNE, the project is positioned to make a significant impact on the conservation of natural resources and the enhancement of economic well-being. AFoCO and BSILHK Palembang envision that this MOU will effectively address the management of dragon’s blood and contribute to the overall development of the community.

Submitted by Ms. Minyoung Jeong, Assistant Program Officer

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